Watarru Anangu School

Manta Atunymananyi
(Looking after country)

At Watarru Anangu School we work closely with the elders in our community.

In this picture we are looking at a Nganamara (Mallee Fowl ) nest. When we go out to sites we take our GPS and Cyber tracker to record information about the site. This information helps the scientists that visit our community. We make maps to record where we have been. We also listen to Tjukurpa (stories)about the Nganamara (Mallee Fowl) and record them so we can use them at school.

We are also looking at other endangered animals that live near Watarru, the Itjaritjari (Marsupial mole), the Tjakura (Greater Desert Skink) and the Waru (Black footed Rock Wallaby).