Watarru Anangu School

Pitjantjatjara Culture


At Watarru Anangu School we have a lot of cultural trips. We go out looking for bush tucker such as tjala (honey ants), tinka (goanna), kurkur (lerp), ilykuwara (witchetty grubs), kampurapa (bush tomatoes), wayanu (quondongs) and ili (native figs).

We talk and learn about the old days from our elders. We use Ara Ititja (pictures and stories from long ago) to show us what life was like for our parents and grandparents.

We listen and learn the Tjukurpa (stories) from our country and our families. We also learn how to dance these stories. Learning these things keeps us and our culture strong.

photo of goanna photo of eating sugar bug photo of digging Jala photo of honey ant