Watarru Anangu School

Welcome to Watarru Anangu School

Watarru Anangu School caters for students who speak Pitjantjatjara as their first language. Literacy and numeracy programs at school are based on the English as a Second Language methodology. The Accelerated Literacy framework is part of the daily routine.

We have a strong focus on traditional Pitjantjatjara cultural teaching that includes language and cultural teaching and learning. Anangu education workers and the local community administer these programs assisted by the school.

The community is located in an Indigenous Protected Area and land management programs are strong. The school receives support in curriculum, student services, school services and leadership from the Aboriginal Lands regional office. The student support team (manager, hearing impairment coordinator, speech pathologist and guidance officer) provides regular and ongoing support to students, including assistance with attendance issues.

We encourage a holistic approach to student management and wellbeing. The school has strong social justice strategies in place including breakfast program, weekly cooking classes, health and hygiene programs. The community of Watarru is very supportive of their local school.